My interest in photography stems from it's visual, non-verbal nature. It's a medium in which the message is silently communicated to us. How we respond to an image is largely up to how we perceive as individuals. Without the cues that sound provides we are left with an inner dialogue in which to decide what the "sound track" should sound like. A photo provides a unique chance to explore and discover an inner realm of thought and emotion.

A photo can say different things to us at different times; each time we see it presenting a new aspect. It allows us to carry on an extended dialogue with a place, a time and ourselves. It's language is universal allowing for the exchange of ideas across the seeming endless differences among people. It reminds us of how much more we have in common than not.

I enjoy the time spent working on a photo. It allows me as well to carry on my own dialogue with hopes that my photo can touch upon the beauty that the environment provides. If you like, please contact me anytime.



phone: 415-272-7250